Creating Awareness About The Buddhist Monuments : Punjab Kesari

Chandigarh: The Buddhist Forum , Haryana has organized an press conference on Wednesday in Chandigarh press club in which documentary film “Dhammachhetra – The Lost Land of Buddha” was screen . Founder president of the forum told that that film is made to create awareness about the conditions of the Buddhist monuments of Haryana, which are in the ruined condition. He told that film is made to showcase the exact condition in which these monuments now exist.  Sidhartha told that the film will be screen all over world.
On this occasion the video message of Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi Pro-Burmese Democracy  was also telecast in which she appealed to the people that they must support this campaign started by the forum for the preservation of the Buddhist monuments . She also stated that the campaign has both spiritual and cultural values in it.

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