Centuries passed but edicts still remembered : Punjab Kesari

Centuries passed away since the ancient king Asoka column was taken away to New Delhi but its royal edicts are still remembered among the masse of Topra Kalan . This column was erected by King Asoka in 2300 years back in present village of Topra Kalan.  King Asoka got influenced by teaching of Buddha and in order to propagate ethics in the society . Therefore pillars were install in different places .

King Asoka has been called as king Piyadasi on the inscriptions over the pillars. This pillar at Topra Kalan was made from Chunar stone and is of 50 tonnes. They were made out from a single piece of Chunar stone and then prepared at Varanasi. From there they were transported to the different places. Final touch was given on the spot and a special polish were put over the pillar which gives a long lasting shine . all the edicts were written in Bhrami script .

Nearly all the pillars in North India have used the Bhrami Script.The edicts were later decoded . It has been learned that different edicts were inscribed over it from time to time in which death sentence were converted into life time imprisonment, wells were dug and trees were planted all along the road sides. During 1345 A.D. Firoz Shah Tugluq was charmed with the beauty of this pillar and took away through river Yamuna to New Delhi. The pillar was rapped in the cotton and silk . A special cart was built of 42 wheels to transport it to river Yamuna.

Presently the pillar is installed over triple story in Feroz Shah kotla and showcasing the rich history about the king Asoka. The people of Topra Kalan believe that  although the pillar are not presently in there village but they feel the replica should made and reinstall at Topra Kalan. For this cause The Buddhist Forum and Village panchyat have joined together to build a Asoka edicts park in the coming days so that will keep on lighting the history of Topra Kalan. The village panchayat head Ramkali said that the Asoka pillar held  a very special in the heart of the people Topra Kalan and in near future we will build its replica in the memory of it.

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