Buddhist sites in North India in neglected state: Punjab Kesari

Buddhist sites in different North Indian States are getting ruined day by day due to lack of funds. There are many Buddhist sites in different states which need due attention and immediate protection. Buddhist forum got this information under R.T.I. Act from different State Archeological Departments about their work in regard of Buddhist sites in their respective states.  Once Buddhism was flourishing religion in North India. In Haryana between Khokhra Khot & Sugh there were many ancient sites.

According to the Sidhartha Gauri president of the Buddhist Form said that on the 6th May  there is completion of 2600 years of Buddhas enlightenment . On this eve different religious functions are being organized all over the world but in North India none of the efforts have been made in this direction. In fact the ancient monument are struggling for their identity. He told that this state is not in Haryana even Sanghol in Punjab, Parhaspora in Jammu Kashmir, Kamma in Rajasthan, Govind Nagar in U.P. Piridhi in Bihar and Asokan Pillar in New Delhi are in similar state.

Sidhartha told that the condition of the Buddhist itself brief that very less work has been done by the Govt. in their maintenance. Working in the same direction he asked information under R.T.I Act from 1990 to 2011. He asked about how much  State Departments investment has been made on the sites in last 21 years.
Jammu Kashmir state archeological department has preserved has only one site on which 2,57,530- Rupees has been invested till today. To promote this place in Tourism circuit. No money has been made.  The site does not have lightening, pathways and even facility for  safe drinking water .

In 1998 -99 the annual budget was 93600/- and now in 2008-09 it has been reduced to 3,570/- only. According to Kashmir Humanity Foundation an NGO’s working  in Kashmir said that there are other Buddhist sites also In Kashmir which has to be listed in the protected site.

During in 1991 annual budget of Haryana was 27 lacs which is now 1,81 lacs according to information of their office No separate budge has been allotted for the preservation of Buddhist monuments.  Haryana State Archeological deptt. have only three structure under their jurisdiction Sugh, Chenati & Kurukshetra. In 2005 -10     75 lacks Rs. Has been invested in renovations of the Stupa. Till now ancient site of Sugh has not been fanced till today  2 ,62,938/- Rs. has been spent on the Stupa in Kurukshetra. Beside this in Haryana places like Aharwan, Bhadas, Ameen, Sandhya, Mewat have neglected mounds.

Himachal Pradesh is known forest tourism but State Deptt. did nothing to promote the ancient sites in Himachal Pradesh. According to information under R.T.I in last 21 years  Himachal Pradesh did not any imitated any work in the direction of Buddhist heritage.

In Punjab there is only one site present now in Sanghol. State Archeological Deptt. took this site under its jurisdiction from 1st Feb. to Aug 1999 and they did excavation on the site. On 18th Sept. 2000 the site was transferred under the jurisdiction of Archeological Survey of India Chandigarh circle. Through R.T.I. it was revealed that for 10 years under which the site remained under jurisdiction of State govt there is no concrete answer about the funds spent on the site.

In the reply the state govt. said that in order to have the accounts of money spent we have to seek information from conservation branch and Auditing Deptt

  • This is because we r in brahminical hindu religion & mauwadi laws are break our sensors we cant see what we r in the past we r landlords we r kings we r buddhists & we should improve …becz Buddham Sarnam gaccami will spead again …namo buddha

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