Buddhist site at Yakawlang

Forty TowerHistory : The fortress of Chehel Burj (“Forty Towers”) is believed to date mostly from the Ghorid dynasty (12th-13th AD). Archaeological evidence suggests the hill on which the fortress is located was initially surrounded by three lines of walls, with turrets up to 20 metres high at regular intervals. Many of the surviving towers have multiple loopholes and triangular decoration and are constructed of mud brick on stone foundations. The remains of a tower complex stand on the summit, while a series of partially surviving arcades on its southeast side retain some damaged sections of brightly coloured frescoes. Some details, such as snakes and human faces, can be made out which suggest they date from the pre-Islamic period. The remains of about 34 towers survive.


From the top of the hill a series of well preserved caves and niches can be seen to the south on a small plateau at the entrance to the valley running southwest. These are probably of Kushan Buddhist origin.


Present Condition:


(i)                 Extensive exploration and excavation required around  the site.

(ii)                Need more promotional and tourism plan.

(iii)               Restoration work needed

(iv)              Preservation processes are to be initiate

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