Buddhist site at Kakrak valley


History : The Kakrak Valley is one of three local centres of Budddhist activity, along with the Bamyan Valley itself and the nearby Foladi Valley. About 100 caves and niches are cut into the low cliffs and hills here on the east side of the valley where it meets the main Bamyan Valley. The large niche, 7m high, contained a statue of a sitting Buddha until it was destroyed by the Taleban authorities in 2001. A sanctuary close to the niche, thought to be Sassanian, once contained brilliant wall paintings. The niches and sanctuary are believed to date stylistically from the 6th-7th centuries AD (Late Sassanian) and architecturally from the 9th-13th centuries AD (Turk /pre-Mongol Islamic). The ruins of a number of later decorated mud brick towers on the ridge above and the slope to the north once formed a defensive network around the caves and part of the valley below.


Present Condition:


(i)                 Extensive exploration and excavation required around  the site.

(ii)                Need  more promotional and tourism plan.

(iii)               Restoration work needed

(iv)              Preservation processes are to be initiate

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