7Location :  (69˚ 01’ 37”E  25˚ 50’ 35”N) The ruins of Mansura are situated in Sanghar District




Type of Structure: Still excavation has to be done


No. of Stupas/Vihars/Votive stupas on the site :-  

History : The ruins occupy nearly 06 square km area of land; they spread in some low and high mounds of different dimensions and height. Site is being excavated by department of Archaeology from many years; bricks are plucked away by villagers. Decorated pottery, bricks, large block, coins moulds are found here. This is a very important site due to its cultural continuity. It had an evidence of three periods Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim period. A Thul or survived until its bricks reused in mosque built here. Here also recovered broken but well carved kritimukhta of a stone libation slab, fragments of carved bricks, decorated.


Present Condition  :

(i)                Extensive exploration and excavation required on the site.

(ii)              Need of promotional and tourism plan.

(iii)             Restoration work needed.

(iv)             Preservation processes are to be initiated

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