Bringing Peace with of Buddhist Heritage :Punjab Kesari

The Buddhist forum is working in the direction to bring peace by promoting ancient Buddhist sites in India and Pakistan. Ancient Buddhist sites has got the potential  to bring two countries closer.

The Buddhist Forum believes in bringing peace in Asia also. The forum said these type of initiative are not new but in fact they have been started by king Asoka near about 2300 years ago and from that time Buddhist monuments were built from Nalanda to Taxila , Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh  and Nepal.

The president of The Buddhist Forum told that through preservation these Buddhist monuments can also bring peace. It will not only bring tourism but will also enhance cultural ties.

Different organizations of all over Asia along with “The Buddhist Forum” have joined for this cause.

Syed Mumatz Alam Gilani from Pakistan People Party a former federal minister of Human Rights and current Member of Parliament form Bahawalnagar has came forward to support the forum in this direction. In this endeavour the forum is trying to establish contact with prominent organizations of Pakistan like Edhi Foundation , Mia Mir Welfare trust.

In this noble cause Sh  Kuldip Nayar, noted journalist and peace activist has also joined the forum to support this cause.

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