Brahmsarovar was the confluence of Hindu and Buddhist religion : Daink Jagran

Still after rediscovering it in  past 50 years this stupa could not  be preserved . Currently  instead of dome of stupa now we have just a big pit . It is considered that during the period of king Harsha wardhan Bhramsarovar was was the common place of amity  between the Hindu and Buddhist religion . There is an ancient Buddhist stupa  in Kurukshetra University in neglected condition . According to archeologist this stupa is considered to be built in 7th century  during the king Harsha wardhan period . During this period chinese traveller  Hieun Tsang also visited this place and identified the existence of a Ashokan era Buddhist stupa in kurukshetra . During excavation the remains of Kushan stupa have been found under this stupa . According to Hieun Tsang there is an existence of Ashokan stupa in Tanesar City on the bank of river Saraswati that it was built by yellow -red hard rock bricks , in which grain size Buddha relics were placed . Presently we does not have  any stupa in this area . According to alexander Cunnigham, the Father of Indian Archeology , here the bigger mound here could be an monastic complex while the smaller mound could be an stupa also where still we can find existence of hards bricks . In the picture of 1960 the complete dome  of stupa is seen .

In the years 1991-92 little renovation work was was done . Later a proposal was send to center Govt. for preservation but after this nor the State or the Center took care for its preservation . Due which it remain in neglected state for long time . But this year it is again undertaken by the Haryana state archeology and museum .

According to former director archeology Madhav Acharya this Buddhist stupa is an important stupa of India and there is an Sangaram also . He said that  these are the marks of our ancient culture and should be preserved . Acharya said he has written lot of letters to Center Govt . for its preservation .It is with the efforts of The Buddhist  Forum , Yamuna Nagar that made Government aware to take action for the preservation of stupa , so that existence of our culture should always ever last  .

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