Biggest Iron Dharma Chakra of India

Buddha in his life time visited state Haryana , it was here Buddha delivered Mahasatipatthana sutta , the most important sutras of His life time and presently it called Vipassana or mindfulness meditation . After this several dynastic rulers developed commemorative Buddhist monuments , which with later passage of time got ruined under invasion attacks. In present time the Buddhist Forum (N.G.0) made local people sensitize about their ancient Buddhist heritage and planed for first ever park on the edicts of Emperor Asoka, whose pioneer efforts made possible to introduce the teachings of the Buddha to the world community .

Before establishing the park , it was decided by the Buddhist Forum to set up a Dharma Chakra, which will shower His blessing on us in reestablishing Dharma teachings on this part of land.


The Dharma Chakra a symbol of wheel was commonly used in early Buddhist art, before the introduction of Buddha idols. In those days, the Dharma Chakra symbolized not only the Buddha’s teachings but the Buddha himself. The Buddha’s first discourse at the Deer Park in Sarnath is known as the “first turning of the wheel of dharma”.

Around 2300 ago, it was Emperor Asoka, who become the first emperor to officially adopt Dharma Chakra on pillars he installed throughout Indian sub continent for the propagation of Dharma.


Spiritual significance   

A Dharma Chakra has 24 spokes, the first 12 represent the 12 teachings of dependent origination taught by Buddha and next 12 spokes represent neutral state of mind, which happens after following mindfulness and further it leads to Nirvana.

12 links of dependent origination :

  1. Ignorance
  2. Mental formations/volitions
  3. Status consciousness
  4. “Name” and “Form”
  5. The six senses
  6. Contact
  7. Feelings
  8. Cravings/longings/desires
  9. Clinging to
  10. Generation of factors for rebirth
  11. Birth
  12. All the sufferings
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