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bangladesh1The campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” was well received in Bangladesh. Sir Fazel Hassan Abed founder and chairman of BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) has joined as an Patron to support the campaign for preservation of

stupas. He was appointed Knight Commander of the order of St. Michael and St. George (KCMG) in the 2010 New Year Honours for services in tackling poverty and empowering the poor in Bangladesh and globally. BRAC is the largest NGO of the world (2010). It reaches 110 million people around the world. A rammon magsaysay awardee 1980.

Sir Fazel has accepted the offer to become the patron in the forum for the support of the sign campaign. In his message he wrote that “I always support the activities and organizations which have world peace as their objective .I intend to provide support to this campaign in Bangladesh”.

Mr. Maiture Rahman editor and publisher of daily Prothom Alo, one of largest circulated bangla language daily in Bangladesh has also lend his support for campaign. Mr. Matiure has also been awarded with Ramon magsaysay awardee 2005. He said “The international sign campaign ‘Save Stupas Save Buddha’ launched by the ‘The Buddhist Forum’ from India is the need of the hour. In past nearly all that Asian countries have experienced the Buddhist religion and culture. I personally feel that Buddhism has the capacity to unite all of us on a common ground of interfaith activity”.

The supreme Buddhist patriarch of Bangladesh H.H Dharmasen mahathero has also joined the campaign and wished that this campaign will helpful in world peace. In his message he said that it is a great opportunity for all humanity to think today about the concern of ancient Buddhist sites and monuments all over Asia which are in neglected and ruined condition. This can bring peace by having contribution from all the religions and sects all over Asia and world.

One of leading Bangladesh Buddhist organization, B.B.A (Bangladesh Buddhist Association) has also offered there completes support. According to him ancient Buddhist monuments can enhance Economic growth of nations by building tourism sector with the promotion of the ancient Buddhist sites.

Sidhartha Gauri was guest of honor in annually celebrated Chivar Danna festival organized by Bangladesh Buddhist Association held at Chittagong. People who were attending the festivals also joined and supported the campaign with their signatures

  • History can not be written without Buddhist archeology and monument. It is batter for us, “SAVE Save Stupas” to understand our History and culture.

    Sujit Barua

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