ASI Surveys Ancient Buddhist Sites : Tribune News Service

Yamunanagar : Members of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Chandigarh Circle, conducted a survey of nearly all major ancient Buddhist sites under its protection in Haryana and Punjab last week.

According to sources, there are 90 sites in Haryana under the ASI protection. After the survey, the officials concluded that very less work has been done on the ancient sites as stated by the superintending archaeologist of ASI, Chandigarh Circle, in his letter dated May 20 addressed to The Buddhist Forum.Major ancient Buddhist sites like Adi Badri (Yamunanagar), Asandh (Karnal), Amin (Kurukshetra), Khokrakot (Rohtak) etc even do not have proper security fencing, but they all have been well preserved having public amenities.

Asandh in Karnal has a remarkable history with one of the tallest Stupas in North India, which is 2000 years old, but it is losing its existence through constant encroachment. It is again the ASI which does not check the land encroachment on time and when there is lot of construction around the site then it start its work like issuing notices, lodging FIRs and demarcating protected sites and monuments.

Similarly, the ancient sites of Amin in Kurukshetra and Khokrakot in Rohtak district are listed on the official website of the Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi. But no work has been initiated by the ASI.

Chaneti stupa in Chaneti village of Yamunanagar again showcased the irregularities in the process of preservation and renovation which was exclusively handled by officials of ASI Chandigarh circle. Now, the stupa has been transformed into a new and colourful monument.Meanwhile, the Buddhist Forum will again write to the Prime Minister regarding the ruined condition of Buddhist monuments all over India, particularly in North India.


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