Ancient Buddhist losing their glory: Punjab Kesari

RTI information has revealed the facts of operational working of government department in last 20 years. The claim of government promoting heritage has proved to be phony till now in last 21 year only 81 lakh rupees has been invested on ancient Buddhist sites on state.

If reasonable amount would have been invested have promoting these sites then today our tourism potential would have been increase. The RTI information has been fetch by “The Buddhist Forum” Haryana.

Sidhartha Gauri , president of TBF, told that very less work has been done in these direction and state archeological dept has got very narrow budget provision for ancient Buddhist site.

Unless and until state creates special budget for these ancient heritage sites we can’t upgrade them.

Sidhatha Gauri told that 75 lakh Rupees were spend on renovation of ancient Buddhist stupa in village Chaneti . He stated that beside investing 75 lakh rupees on renovation the design of stupa was altered.    The stupa was renovated with cement, sand and modern day bricks. The stupa was renovated by the team from ASI, Chandigarh circle.

The stupa has now lost its original looks. Haryana has rich collection of ancient Buddhist sites but lack of concern of government bodies we are losing them. Major sites in Haryana are like Sugh, Adi Badri, Asandh, Agroha, Bhadas, Amin and Sandhaya. Majority of ancient Buddhist sites have not even been protected and got any glimpses of govt.

Sidhartha gauri told that when he asked ASI, Chandigarh circle to give information in this direction then they said that they doesn’t have any organized information in this direction.

According to Buddhist forum if we doesn’t react immediately to protect then these ancient heritage sites we are going to lose.

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