Advantages From This Organization

1.    Record of all the Ancient Buddhist monuments under one roof
With the formation of an international body all the historical Buddhist monuments, art work and Buddhist cultures in various Asian Countries till today can be recorded and preserved.  In order to keep the legacy or existence of Buddha’s Teaching Dharma in the future preservation and records of all the Ancient Buddhist monuments and sites all over Asia is the urgent need of hour.

2.    Proper funding for the betterment of new and well preservation of monuments

The International organization will initiate to upgrade the better and well preserved monuments in Asia so that they could be raised to higher level of art and promotion around the globe. Majority of Asian countries in past have experienced the richness of the Buddhist culture and arts. Hence the Buddhist art can act as a catalyst to unify the Asian countries towards peace, prosperity and harmony.

3.    Building national economy
When various Asian countries will place their well preserved historical and spiritual monuments on their National tourist map. The foreign currency will be increased with the inflow of International tourists. In today’s world terrorist and violent organizations is major concern among Asian countries as these organizations are engulfing youth due to unemployment problems in local areas. With the promotion of these ancient monuments with new tactics and outlook schemes, employment for the local youth will be generated in areas like Transportation, hotels, local small scale industrial units etc. which would help in building the nation economically rich and culturally stronger.

4.        Cultural unification of Asian countries towards peace and prosperity

We strongly believe that if the international organization is set up then one of its fund raising activities will always be collection of 1 Dollar/Rupee/Yen/Yuan or any national currency from one person every month from their respective nations for participation and involvement of masses at grass root level. It will create a direct link of attachment between the donors, organization and monuments. Only after such kind of participation and commitment from people of different religions, sects and nationalities only we can say that we are moving towards peace and can create a violence free world for future generation.

5.    Helping in case of natural calamities in Asia and world  
In today’s world the increasing natural disasters in the forms of Cyclones, Earthquakes, Famines, Floods, Tornadoes and Tsunamis are posing great threat to every nation of the world. They also pose a great danger to human lives and all round economy of the nation. Hence an International organization of this kind with a global outlook can help to generate the funds for the victims of the natural disasters at a rapid pace so that damage to lives and the property can be reduced to its maximum.