Adri Badri can also be reformed like Sarnath : Dainik Jagran

Adi Badri is a beautiful place in the Shivalik footHills . It was the place in ancient times where the sages during Vedic period performed their religious acts and practiced  other spiritual activities. Recent excavation done at Adi Badri  by Archaeological Survey of India  (ASI)  have brought some startling discoveries .
It is believed that the ruins of rare Buddhist relics are found spread in about 1 kilometre area in and around Adi Badri including heritage monuments like Stupas , Monasteries and other artefacts .

It is the only area in Haryana state where the Buddhist Monuments is found in    abundance and have great potential of tourism . The Buddhist forum believe that if Government pays attention to this overlooked area and promote  it then it could be the next Dear park of Sarnath .

Adi Badri which is also said to be the origin of the vedic river Saraswati ,  it can become a distinguish place in India for tourism for both Hindus and Buddhist population around the world .Although excavated by Government of Haryana,  Adi Badri  still lies in neglecting state . Archaeological findings have stated that Adi Badri was an initial habitat of Buddhist monks  from Kushan period to  12 century A.D  . It  is also believed that at one time in past it there might be three thousands monks who used to live here .

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